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We at Fine Point Innovations take a good deal of pride in our custom-made body shop business by providing high-quality and cost effective customized restorations. Fine Point Innovations pursues customer complete satisfaction!

Unlike traditional other shops, our business is usually sought for frame off repair, customized paint jobs, completely straight body work, body personalization, metal fabrication, race automobiles, sports car body set repair and setup.


Want someone who will deal with you and your needs?

We are a full service family owned and operated automotive customization and restoration body shop in Arizona, for expert custom paint tasks and concourse remediation. Your vehicle represents the 2nd biggest financial investment that many people make in a life time. When a circumstance requires either complete frame off restoration, fiberglass, carbon fiber repair work, body kit setup, collision repair work service or simply look upkeep, never compromise.

Regardless of the make or model of your car, guarantee your investment with the highest quality service offered. A mix of attention to detail and competitive pricing has made us a body shop to see.

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Cars Rental Guide, Easy Tips and Tricks

Most of people have an interest in automobile leasings when they’re on getaway. But what numerous journeys might not recognize is that vehicle rental in the United States, or The United States and Canada in basic, is various than car rentals in other nations like Europe.

Cars and truck rental in the United States is usually very easy to do. The better understood, and maybe best, car leasing firms can quickly be discovered in a phonebook like your local White or Telephone directory. It’s even possible to find vehicle rental agencies on the Web. If you’re looking for a cars and truck leasing in the United States, all you require to do is take the phone numbers you find in the telephone directory or online, and call each automobile rental company. Request the company’s area, vehicle accessibility and collaborations with any airline companies or hotels. Do not forget to ask about any unique deals or rates, like group rates.

A lot of American vehicle leasing agencies use pick-up at no extra expense, even if only a few advertise this function. If an automobile rental company does not use pick-up, then ask if the firm will reimburse the expense of taxi fare.

And don’t feel like you need to purchase additional automobile insurance coverage from an American car rental firm. Many representatives will provide you a difficult sell on this, however most times it’s not needed. Your cars and truck leasing will usually be covered under your own cars and truck insurance. If you do not have car insurance under your name, it’s a good concept to accept the offer of automobile rental insurance from the company.

In the United States, you’ll need to be a minimum of 25-years-old to be able to get a car from a cars and truck rental firm. Some will offer you a cars and truck rental if you’re younger, however you’ll need to pay a much greater expense.

The procedure for cars and truck leasings in other nations like Europe is normally a little bit various than in the United States. Naturally, for European cars and truck leasings you won’t have the ability to search in your local Yellow Pages phone book. You ought to be able to collect all the information you need for setting up a foreign car rental on the Web.

European or other foreign automobile leasings are normally much smaller sized than American cars and truck rentals. Cut the amount of baggage you take along. Plus a lot of foreign automobile rentals are stick-shift. The minimum age for cars and truck rentals in European nations is likewise 25, however this age varies between automobile rental firms and nations.

Constantly be sure to purchase additional cars and truck insurance on a foreign car leasing. Likewise understand that foreign cars and truck rentals can be extremely expensive. Can the gas.

Wherever you select to get a cars and truck rental, be sure that the car remains in good condition. Before leaving the car rental agency’s lot, analyze the automobile for dents, scratches, tears in the upholstery or baldness tires. If you discover any, right away report them to the cars and truck rental representative. If you don’t, you may be accountable for the costs of those repairs.

Car leasing is generally a simple and practical process, regardless of what area you remain in. Simply be useful, and above all, drive your car rental as securely (or more safely) than you would drive a vehicle you owned.